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With 15 years, I was fascinated of  making new media creations. So I started learning by myself how to create an normal website with HTML and CSS. To make my sites more dynamic I used PHP and a little bit of JavaScript. During my first year at the university, I started learning to work with the Adobe Creative Suite espaciallly the programms Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. My new target is perfecting my skills and learning how to create mobile application for Android and Apple devices, so as learning a little bit more of marketing strategies, so that I can offer a perfect marketing and media strategie to my clients.

In 2017 I made my Bachelor of Science at the University of Applied Science in Trier, Germany. My Bachelor Thesis was an online stock exchange for professional real estate agencies.


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Sandro RIZZO

Developer / Designer

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So if you are now interessted that I create an website, logo, brochure or some other media stuff for you or if you just have an question about my projects, just contact me directly per mail or use the contact form. Don´t be shy 😉

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